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A Report On Singapore Research And Development

Created in 1997, the Singapore-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation (SIIRD) is a co-activity between Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the Israel Innovation Authority to advance, work and support modern joint Research and Development projects ( R&D), between organizations in Israel and Singapore, which would result in fruitful commercialization for singapore research and development.

Future Plans

In addition to supporting joint R&D projects, SIIRD will expand its financial support for pilot projects between organizations in Singapore and Israel to guide or test market advances with a particular customer or market section with the ultimate goal of commercialization.

About Projects

For a project costing less than the US $ 400,000 with a marketable item or innovation and a task term not exceeding 1 year. Asset up to US $ 200,000 or half of the total cost of the qualifying venture, whichever is less, and up to the US $ 30,000 for marketing exercises. For examination, risk deciding on the specialized plausibility and suitability for the market of another item or idea of ​​interaction. Asset up to $ 30,000 or half the total cost of the qualifying task, whichever is less. For the task of guiding or testing market advances with a specific customer or part of the market with the ultimate goal of commercialization and enterprise not exceeding 1 year. An asset of up to the US $ 1 million or half of the total cost of the qualified venture, whichever is less.

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