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Get high-quality adhesive solutions with Adhesives Technology Corporation

Adhesives Technology Corporation is one of the most leading manufacturers of construction and industry related adhesives in epoxies, acrylics, and polyureas.  With more than forty years of experience, the company features multiple product brands. It contains some of the most recognized and most often specified products in all of America.  The products can be used for anchoring, doweling, bonding, joint filling, concrete repair, maintenance, and restoration across many industries. They have one of the broadest selections of adhesives and packaging systems of any manufacturer in the industry.  When you’re looking for high strength adhesives, you’ll find the product to fit your needs in the corporation.

Benefits of purchasing adhesives from Adhesives Technology Corporation: –

  • The adhesives materials allow joint substrates with different geometries, sizes, and compositions. With the adhesive, you can joint glass, plastics, metals, ceramics.
  • The use of adhesives eliminates the corrosion associated with dissimilar metals joining with different galvanic potential, such as the joining of steel with aluminum.
  • The use of adhesive as bonding material does not produce any deformation in the materials or substrates, eliminating metal grinding processes (grinding and putty), reducing the manufacturing cost, and improving the aesthetics of the product.
  • It does not produce any mechanical aggression to the substrate, thus avoiding any damage to the structure of the material.
  • It provides great flexibility in the product design as well as an improvement in its aesthetics.
  • It leads to the reduction of the product weight, in the case of traction vehicles reduction is directly linked to reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions to the environment.
  • It leads to the increase in the resistance to impact and fatigue resistance using an elastic adhesive, increasing reliability and the product life cycle.
  • The adhesives allow a homogeneous distribution of tensions throughout the union allowing the elimination of stress concentrations that can lead to the fracture of the union.
  • The adhesives are made of high-quality epoxy leading to the reduction of noise and vibration.
  • With the introduction of the industry made adhesives, there is a reduction in the number of components such as screws, nuts, washers, rivets, etc. It is necessary for the union, reducing the manufacturing cost of the union.
  • The adhesives are of fine quality and protect against corrosion.

The corporation is one of the leading industries in the field of industrial and domestic adhesives. You can also try it out for your daily needs or corporate needs. They are one of the top-most industries in America, and gradually promoting all other countries.

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