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How Your Organization Can Make the Most of Microsoft 365

No matter the size of an organization, it should have some form of IT setup to make sure its business operations function smoothly. In the competitive and fast-paced business landscape, Microsoft Office 365 has been proven to be an essential technological solution for most businesses.

Microsoft 365 isa cloud service that provides a portfolio of Microsoft’s productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Also, it offers applications and collaborative services such as Exchange Online for email and calendar, Skype for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and others that can be set up individually to help a business.

Managed Services for Office 365

In a managed service environment, a managed services provider manages the functionality of a company’s IT services and equipment. Once setup is completed, the client pays a set monthly fee. In terms of Office 365 managed services, the provider offers managed services to businesses to free them from the stress of service installation and continual configuration.

Benefits of Office 365

The following are the important benefits of Microsoft 365 that will help you understand why it can work better for your organization:

  • It can help your company operate efficiently. Office 365 provides a full suite of business tools for a more efficient business operation. Aside from the classic Microsoft applications, 365 also social networking applications and data storage solutions. All of these tools are accessible in the cloud so you and your employees can access them on all their devices without separate licenses and downloads.
  • It simplifies business communication. Office 365 has a lot of features that allow employees and teams to work together on the same tasks, regardless of where they are. For instance, Microsoft Teams comes with calling features, a file storage system, instant messaging, and other features that simplify business communication. This feature makes it possible to have meetings and share documents without being in the same room or building.
  • It allows for scalability. With the Microsoft suite, you can select relevant applications to make custom work solutions for various teams for maximum productivity and money savings. Plus, you can easily remove or add a license when necessary.
  • It updates applications automatically. Since Office 365 is in the cloud, you can expect your applications to in their latest versions. Microsoft automatically upgrades them and sends you information about the latest products and security patches. With this suite, you do not need to worry about compatibility problems or implementing upgrades.

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