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Setting sail on a Safer Sanitizer: How Cruise Liners Make Cruising Safer Again

As the pandemic struck, back in 2019, the cruise-loving public had one concerning thought: Will cruise liners ever manage to make life onboard safer than it was before?  With traditional bleach-based disinfectants proving no match to newer, and more powerful, pathogens, it required a breakthrough approach to keep everyone onboard safe. And the industry found it’s answer in the hypochlorous generator – a technology that can continually produce unlimited quantities of one of the most powerful sanitizing solutions out on the high-seas!

The Need Explored

Before we talk more about what Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is, lets briefly explore where cruise ships require sanitization. The simple answer: Everywhere! Think of:

  • homes
  • offices
  • restaurants
  • sporting facilities
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • grocery stores

There are myriads of places in these settings that require disinfecting and sanitizing. A cruise ship is no different. In fact, one often hears comparisons of large ocean liners as being a combination of all those places listed above – and more!

With supply chain issues and other transportation and storage logistic challenges, the ability to mass produce sanitizers onboard is a game changer. Now, operators don’t need to buy hypochlorous acid in small containers and bottles. Cruise line owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on commercially-packaged sanitizing solutions each year. Onboard HOCL technology changes all that.

Multipurpose and Multi-dimensional

Some commercially available disinfectants are great for use in specific purposes. Safe surface applications might not necessarily be good if humans or pets come into contact with it. Others might be great for washing hands or the face, but are not suitable to wash food and edible produce. But an hypochlorous generator produced disinfectant is a multi-dimensional product, which can be safely and effectively used for a myriad of purposes.

How safe is HOCL? Well, when you consider that it is a substance found naturally in our bodies, and that it acts as a natural defense against toxins found in our bodies – one can rest assured that it is extremely safe.

HOCL is produced onboard by using simple ingredients and processes: Salt, Water, and Electricity. There are no harsh chemicals used, and the product is safe for all applications – humans, food, pets, plants, and the environment. HOCL has wide scientific acknowledgement for its efficacy against a range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  Most appropriate to our current environment, HOCL is over 99.99 percent effective in neutralizing OC-43 types of coronaviruses – one that shares similar characteristics with COVID-19.

Cruise ships have large open, outdoors spaces – such as decks, helipads, pools, outdoor sporting courts – that require regular sanitizing. Using commercially-sourced, bottled or pumped disinfectant may be extremely challenging to deal with such a requirement. But, rather than buy hypochlorous acid in canisters and pouches, an onboard HOCL maker can produce the required disinfectant – within minutes! – in bulk.

Then, cleaning crews use foggers to effectively disperse the product evenly. This is especially effective when dealing with large places, and hard-to-reach spaces, such as under counters, over decks and bulkheads, and inside hard to access crawlspaces.

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