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Tactics to reduce employee turnover

By now, we have all heard about The Great Resignation taking place as employees leave their jobs and head for supposedly greener pastures. But with hiring a new employee being more expensive and challenging than retaining the staff you have, it’s worth looking at ways to reduce employee turnover. Read on to find out more.

Onboard thoughtfully

First impressions are highly important and making sure that employees settle in well is the first step to reducing turnover. Think about your onboarding process and ensure that employees feel welcomed into their new workplace so that they can feel secure.

Encourage work-life balance

If you see your employees burning the midnight oil several times a week, it could lead to them burning out altogether. Try to encourage them to take breaks from work, especially if they are working from home, and take time for themselves. This can help them to feel valued and less stressed out.

Show a path to progression

One of the leading reasons that employees move on from a company is not being offered progression. For many, this is a vital part of work – so try to show a clear path that employees can get on in order to progress, complete with training and mentoring, as well as timelines.

Give great benefits

Excellent and flexible benefits are another invaluable way to encourage employees to see a clear future with you. They show that you see your employees as fully rounded people, who have needs outside of work. Zest Benefits offers a range of benefits that employees can choose from and access to suit their own personal needs.

Make time for structured socialising

Often, employees can find it difficult to create real bonds within a working environment. This can reduce the amount of connection they feel to their workplace overall, making it easier to leave. Try to encourage socialising outside of work, in a structured way. This could be through team bonding days or just drinks after work.

Check-in regularly

Checking in with your employees is an essential way to gauge how they are feeling. While honest conversations can be challenging, this can be a good way to assess how an employee might be feeling, and to discuss their progression – as well as just making sure everything is okay generally. Another way to do this is by allowing employees to provide anonymous feedback so that even those who do not feel confident in face-to-face conversations can have their say.

There are so many easy ways that you can keep your most valuable employees with you. Remember that you can begin reducing your employee turnover from the moment you hire a new staff member – so that you can grow and succeed together.

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