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Content email subject lines: Don’t “scream” in the subject line and don’t play with the recipient’s expectations-why is this important?

Let’s type in the subject line in capital letters, and in the subject line we’ll write something poignant, something so important to the person that he or she will bite right away. And then, let it be! This approach has many disadvantages and works only for “quick” and ineffective, costly content promotion campaigns about business. Detailed instructions on how not to make mistakes and how you should compose your cold email subject lines have been studied by the experts of the service.

We will talk about two popular mistakes you should avoid in your communications with potential clients in order not to get them to abandon the dialog and possible purchase/order.

Capitalization of the subject line: nothing but trouble

Some marketers are 100% sure that capitalizing the subject line will attract the attention of the potential user. But it’s just the opposite. The times of push-button cell phones and pagers are gone, where the difference between capital and small letters simply didn’t exist in most of the initial models. Therefore, creating such a subject line is nothing but disrespectful to the potential reader.

In addition to bad tone, such posts also create an extremely negative emotional backdrop. If you must write something in capital letters, it should be a message like this: “WARNING! We have a fire!!!”. This would be an appropriate message on the mall ticker in the event of a fire with an evacuation location. In all other cases, this practice will lead more to rejection than to gain results.

By the way, psychologists say that the subject of the letter, written in capital letters says that it is an attempt to shout, hysterical and generally go out of normal psychological state. If you want the company or a particular specialist to be perceived as the author of hysterical texts – then feel free to write in capital letters the subject of the newsletter.

Don’t play with users’ feelings: they will believe you once and send you to spam a second time

It is not allowed to write something in the subject line that is not mentioned in the message itself. That is, the cause-and-effect relationship between the subject and the content of the e-mail must be obligatory! This is a tough rule to follow for those who seek to enter the market not just for one day, but for several years or even decades. And here’s the reason.

If you try to play on the feelings of the recipient of the message once, the next time he won’t believe it, even if everything is competently and correctly left. Most likely, the next messages will go straight to spam, and the delivery rate will be the lowest of all periods.

Therefore, write a truthful and understandable subject line. And try to address the buyer in human and accessible language without technological tricks.

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